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Hi, my name is Amina Chitembo, Financial Turnaround Strategist, Executive Coach-Consultant, Author, and Speaker.

From 2005 to 2016 I was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a charitable company BME Community Services, it was the of the main agency providing expertise to the public and private sector organisation around support the underrepresented groups in West Sussex. Our reach was national and International. We pioneered services and handed them over to the relevant mainstream organisations, helped turnaround financial positions for a lot of managers by providing value for money strategies for them and their teams. 

After a change in family circumstances I wanted to get back into 9 to 5 job so I joined the National Health Service as a Senior Manager in various roles. 

One thing that struck me is how much managers were overworking themselves and not managing to harness the power of their staff to provide the necessary output and support so that they could be more productive.

So I decided to leave the substantive roles and take on Interim Management positions back to running my own business Diverse Cultures Training and Consultancy. I am the Lead Trainer, consultant Turnaround Strategist working with some associates. We provide Interim Senior Manager Postings into the Public and Private Sectors. We help Executives and Senior Managers with Business and Personal Turnaround Strategies to make their lives easier. My team and I understand that being the boss doesn’t have to mean long hours and missing out on a great time with your family! 

I enjoy helping Business Executives develop Early Financial Turnaround Strategies that achieve higher productivity while enjoying greater work-life balance. 

I gained Financial Turnaround and Transformation track record over ten years in varying sectors affording me hands on understanding of challenges facing both leaders and their teams. Also Through painful personal experience losing financial standing and not being able to cope well mentally, failing to act in good time to mitigate the losses, I found myself in a very vulnerable position. 

I had to learn the hard way implementing both business and personal Turnaround Strategies which have proved very successful. I managed to turn around my financial position in a short time and regain my financial freedom. 

It would not have been possible without gaining support a psychotherapist who took me through 6 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and some Mindfulness sessions. 

Through CBT and mindfulness experience, I saw the significant link between Finances or Financial Stability and Mental Well-being. The two are interdependent, and one impacts on the other.

Coming out the other side, I was inspired to make a difference in the world. I developed a training programme to start sharing the Financial Turnaround Strategies with fellow executives, who would generally find it tough to talk about their struggles with the pressures of high-profile positions and expectations for fear of being judged or losing their jobs. I decided to study, research, and interview high-profile executives to come up with my products which have proved a success. My strategies are simple and easy to follow. 

I offer confidential one to one coaching and two different online programmes.
I am now the founder of the Financial Turnaround Academy. The Academy has grown organically from just serving to now earning me the financial freedom that only a few years ago was an far-fetched dream.  

My client list includes CEOs, Directors, Senior Managers and Business Owners. Helping and inspiring others to achieve and enjoy a balanced life is a big driver for me. I would like to share with your free report. Just enter your details and download the report.

I only work one to one with a small number of highly motivated Executives and senior managers at any one time. That way I can offer concentrated attention, benefit, and value.
To inquire about availability and a free strategy session so we can find out if we are a match and can work together, please leave your details here.

Financial Turnaround Academy

Financial Turnaround Academy

Helping business executives develop early turnaround strategies that achieve higher productivity while enjoying the greater work-life balance they desire. 

Diverse Cultures Training and Consultancy

Filling the gaps and providing expertise by providing Interim Project/Programme Senior Management Positions in Commissioning, Contracts and Procurement. 
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